16 cups of wheat

Yesterday I ground 16 cups of wheat. About half the flour went into a batch of whole-grain artisan bread from Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day, which I have out from the library and don't really want to give back.

Some more of the flour went into waffle mix. This is my mom's genius idea. Assemble all the dry ingredients for your waffles in freezer containers or jars, label, and freeze. This saves you getting everything out every time you make waffles. We store the mixes in the freezer because whole wheat flour loses vitamins shortly after grinding if left at room temperature.*

The rest I will keep around until inspiration (or need) strikes. It usually does!

*This is the only credible-looking study I could find on the subject. Fascinating article! It looks like freshly ground whole wheat flour is probably mostly okay to be kept at room temperature for about 14 days. If you know of any other research on the topic, please point me to it—I find it very interesting.


  1. I really want a wheat grinder like you. I made some bread out of the whole grain 10# can, and it came out a little too "Whole Grain" ish. Then, I went to Walmart and got "better for bread" flour to mix with the whole grain later on. (like half and half. My chest freezer is really getting its money's worth. I freeze bread, too.

  2. I have been reading about whole wheat/part whole wheat crepes. They sound yummy!

  3. I'm just starting to play around with the Healthy Artisan Bread book, too. My library couldn't seem to get it so I got my own copy. I've been milling my own grain for years and once you get to enjoy freshly milled grains, it's hard to enjoy using anything else. I should consider your waffle mix idea - if I can find the freezer space. We'll be butchering 50 chickens soon and that will fill things right up. Enjoy your baking!