A new schedule

Here's where all of you are on top of things can laugh at me: after six years of marriage, I still haven't figured out how to keep my house clean.

I do know in theory how to clean. I've even had times—a few weeks or months here and there—when I've kept on top of things.

I think my problem is that I make too many excuses. Some are legitimate (I just had a baby, we're all throwing up); some are not (I'd rather read; I'm grumpy today).

Our house isn't disgusting or anything—we keep things reasonably sanitary and usually a room isn't more than 10 minutes away from being reasonably clean.

But every once in awhile, I sit down with a notebook and pencil and come up with a new, improved housekeeping schedule. I feel so optimistic about it that I stay on it for at least a week, and things are good. But then everything eventually falls apart. I started a new plan about a month ago, but then up came two weeks of swimming lessons, and, well, that was the end of that.

But I'm going to try again!

How do you organize your housework?


  1. One load of laundry and dishes every weekday. Two if needed. Ideally I pick up every night before bed with the kids. Give the bathroom a little touch up after kids brush teeth. Load dishes at night and unload in the morning.

    Then I rotate through one deep cleaning item a day.

    Walls/Windows (I rotate through zones of the house over weeks on this one)
    Bedrooms including closets and sheets (I may really focus on only one bedroom at a time)

    My least favorite deep cleaning job is floors. But I do recommend a steam mop, they do make mopping a little more tolerable.

    Good luck! I feel like a hypocrite giving advice on this today since the house is dirtier than normal. Today's deep cleaning focus is bedrooms which means the kids have all relocated to the family room and kitchen and are doing quite a number on them.

  2. My daily tasks: Dishes, make meals, pick up toys.

    Monday is general house cleaning--bathrooms, vacuum and mop, clear of kitchen counters, dust, take out trash, and a more thorough picking-up. I don't always do everything every week, but get the worst and try to to things at least every other week.

    Then I leave the rest of the week open for errands, fun things, baking, and other things that need done.

    I still haven't found a good way to do in-depth cleaning, although I did make a list of those tasks and can mark when I do something and that helps.

  3. Have you been reading those perfect housewife magazines again?

  4. I've found the book and system by the Side Tracked Home Executives to be the best for me and I've worked on getting this licked for 12 years of marriage - But it is working for the whole month of August.