Today I am going to redirect you to a wonderful post written by my husband.

I've been feeling lately that I'm maybe paying too little attention to my children—again—and Mr. Mordecai's post reminds me what's really important.

Today, I will put down my books and walk away from the computer and pay more attention to my children. When I work, I will let them help.

And I am grateful for a husband who has his priorities straight and who loves our children.


  1. I didn't know he blogged! I like those little videos from the LDS church, too. Tiger Lily is still a climber, huh?

  2. Isn't it lovely how faithful the Lord is-tapping on our hearts gently, yet persistently, realigning us to what really matters?
    One of my favorite talks is Daughters of God by Elder M. Russell Ballard. You can listen here: http://lds.org/general-conference/2008/04/daughters-of-god?lang=eng
    I think I'll take another listen now :)