2011 reading progress

  • Finish (re)-reading the Oz books (I read ten last year; I've read two this year; there are still two left)
  • Read about Eloise Wilkin (I read the only biography I could find.)
  • Finish reading Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson (Finished! It's an amazing book, very long, and I learned a lot. Review here.)
  • Read two parenting books (read Parenting with Love and Logic; one more to go)
  • Read two classics I haven't read before (in the middle of Vanity Fair—this one's long!)
  • Read Great Expectations (Done! I loved it.)
  • Read a science book (Read A Short History of Nearly Everything, which I highly, highly recommend—it was so fun to read and really changed my perspective on pretty much everything.)
  • Read a book on grammar or the English language
  • Read a book by C.S. Lewis
  • Read the new biography of President Monson (Done! I loved it.)
By the numbers: 8 down, 7 to go. I've also read 286 books to my kids.

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