Summer activities for kids

Here is a huge list of ideas of things to do with my kids over the summer. I have been bookmarking everything I came across in the last year or so that I thought would be fun to do with my kids, and a few weeks ago I categorized them all and looked for a few more that I thought would catch my kids' interest.

I like to make lists like this because I think it helps me spend time with my kids. If I have something planned, it's harder to ignore. 

If you have any ideas, please share in the comments! I'm always looking for fun activities.



  • Make tissue flowers
  • Plant flowers
  • Paint flowers on sidewalk
  • Toss beanbags onto flower petals drawn on sidewalk
  • Look at plant parts under microscope
  • Make patterns with flowers
  • Take a flower walk
  • Name colors of flowers
  • Count petals on flowers
  • Puffy paint flowers 
  • Dogwood flowers 
Prince and princess
  • Learn manners
  • Watch princess movies
  • Have tea party
  • Read books
  • Dance
  • Make tutu
  • Make crowns
  • Make paper dolls 
  • Act out fairy tales
    • Princess and the pea
    • Cinderella
    • Sleeping beauty



  • Lacing cards
  • Make simple project
  • Embroidery on gingham
  • Look at cloth under microscope
  • Make patterns with buttons, pins, cloth, etc.

  • Sing songs
  • Hum songs
  • Learn notes on piano
  • Dance
  • Learn to write notes on staff paper
  • Make patterns with notes
  • Make balloon drum / shakers
  • Clap to rhythms
  • Move to beat
  • Primary 1 CD (Red Chief's teacher used this CD last year in his church class and it was wonderful! It's really cheap too, and I believe the shipping is free.)
  • Carnival of the Animals (activity packet) (complete recording)
  • Peter and the Wolf (there's a Disney movie of this)



  • Learn nursery rhymes
  • Read poems
  • Phonics bag with ending sounds 
  • Magnetic letters: put up a word ending, change starting letter to make different words





  • Make a body book
  • Read books about the body
  • Look at chicken livers under microscope
  • Look at other various bodily things under microscope
  • Name body parts
  • Play doctor
  • Feelings book 
  • Soap carving (keep our bodies clean)
  • Exercise ABC cards 

North Pole / Ice

Other fun things to do


  1. Wow! What a great list! I will definitely be looking at this again for ideas.

  2. Thanks for sharing this list. Its given me so many ideas. Especially the ones related to color. We have been struggling a bit with identifying colors.

  3. I agree, great list. I bookmarked this for my own, too. Do you have a children's museum near you? If so, you'll find all kinds of neat stuff to do with your kids there.

  4. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 3 post on Jun. 08, 2011. Thanks again.