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Guess what I did on Saturday? I sewed two pairs of bloomers for a pioneer trek* we're going on next month. After the trek, I can take the elastic out of the bottoms of the pants and use them for pajamas. I also added patch pockets to the outsides of the pants, because I'm guessing they'll come in handy.

Also . . . drumroll . . . I added an inseam pocket to my skirt** for the trek using these instructions. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and a skirt that I'm going wear in a camping situation seemed like a safe thing to experiment on. Now I want to add pockets to everything! It's always bothered me that most skirts don't have pockets.

My apron has two pockets too, so I think I should be all set for pockets!

*Mr. Mordecai and I will spend four days with a bunch of teenagers camping and pulling handcarts in an attempt to better appreciate our religious heritage. You can read the story of two handcart companies here.

**If you want to see a truly amazing, historically accurate pioneer costume, look here. Wow!

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  1. I think you are a fashion designer in the making. :)