Last week I made a "princess dress" for Tiger Lily. She's been wanting to wear her Sunday dresses all week long, but I'd hate to see them ruined, and they're hard to climb in. This pinafore helps her feel like a princess, but it's easy to take off if she wants to jump on the trampoline.

The pattern came from One-Yard Wonders. It's so fun having a whole book of patterns—there are several in the book I'd like to try. The pattern for the top of the pinafore was included, but I had to measure and cut out the skirt myself. I conveniently had a roll of wrapping paper that had a one-inch grid on the back, so I used it to make my pattern pieces.

This was my first lined bodice and my first gathered skirt. Everything turned out really well, aside from a few little puckers on the wrong side of the neckline. It ended up a bit too big, but I have an idea how to fix it for next time. So I've got to make at least one more to see if taking an inch or two out of the top front piece helps. I might cut down the skirt a little too; it's a bit long. I don't think it will be hard to make another; it would be fun to make her a whole wardrobe of little pinafores.


  1. That is very cute, and she is so big!!!

  2. Oh, I LOVE pinafores! I wish I could keep my four littlest girls in them every day, but I may need to make them out of bullet-proof polyester. My little girls are so harsh on all their clothes! *sigh*

    I can't wait to check out the book you posted about! :-)

  3. It's awesome! Tiger Lily looks like you.

  4. Cute idea. They turned out great!

  5. Cute!! You can tell she loves it... such a big smile!! :)

  6. So sweet! Don't you love making little girls feel like princesses?
    I've been doing new "techniques" in my sewing too, lately - stretches your brain, huh?! :)