Me vs. the sewing machine

Image courtesy magazineart.org

I only broke two needles today, and I didn't have to rip out any seams since the mistake I made was something I could live with. I used magenta thread with my dark red bias tape and the stitches are crooked and very beginner-looking, but I've finished the skirt of an apron.

Lessons learned today: no, it's not silly to iron everything, even your pattern pieces and your bias tape; pins are your friends; putting on bias tape in two steps works better for me (especially on curves).

Thanks to April for this wonderful tutorial on attaching bias tape; it's the only one of several I read that actually made sense to me. I'm kind of a sewing dummy—pattern instructions are never clear to me. They'd have to be fifty pages long and be accompanied by detailed photos for me to understand, I think.

Time to retrieve Tiger Lily from her naptime exile.


  1. I'm still trying to learn that it's not silly to iron everything.

  2. Lol. Glad I'm not the only one breaking needles left and right. I don't sew as much as I'd like to. Last time it was Me vs. Sewing the Patches on the Uniform. Lol. I broke 2 needles until I figured out the TENSION was the key.

  3. I found out late in the game that some patterns are easier to read than others. Pattern lines I would consider "smaller" such as ModKid, Oliver + S, and Amy Butler are usually quite well written; while mass produced patterns such as McCalls and Butterick still make me want to pull my hair out!! The nice part is the learning curve comes fast-the more projects you do, the less you'll even need to understand the instructions :)

  4. Must run in the family. Mom had to walk me through every...single...step of the pajama pants I made last summer. Murder.