I can't believe I did that

Red Chief has a scout shirt that is about five sizes too big for him, but it's his pride and joy. He's been asking me lately to sew a "badge" onto it, and today I finally got around to it.

While I was doing that, I thought that I should shorten the sleeves. They're long, and since the shirt is too big, we're always having to roll them up. First I read this for moral support, and I got to work.

As soon as I cut off the first sleeve, I thought, "What did I just do?" I couldn't believe I had actually just cut off one of the sleeves of Red Chief's beloved scout shirt. But I mustered up the courage to cut off the other one and get on with the hemming.

It actually worked! And while it certainly doesn't look professional upon close inspection, it looks just fine. Red Chief is happy.

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