Dot paint counting

It's been too long since we've done preschool activities regularly around here, but since preschool ended last week, we're going to get in the habit again. I have a huge list of activities to try over the summer.

We've been working on counting with Red Chief lately—he does well, but he tends to forget a few numbers and he goes so fast sometimes that he doesn't keep in sync with the objects he's counting.

I picked up these bingo markers from the dollar store. Red Chief used them at his preschool as "dot paints." For this activity, I wrote a number on a note card, and Red Chief would make the corresponding number of dots beside it. I  had planned on stopping at ten, but he wanted to do more, and we got up to 16 before he decided to stop.

It will be great practice for him to do more of this. Oddly, it occurred to me that working on rhythm and clapping could help him with his counting—it might help him keep his "dotting" in sync with his verbal counting.


  1. My daughter can count all the way to 40 or 50, but she always leaves out 17. I have tried to teach her how to include 17, but it makes her mad?!??!?!? 17-phobia. In the public schools, this is considered to only be able to count to 16, even though she can really do much higher. Kids and their quirks.

  2. i'm curious what other preschool activities you're doing over the summer. i'm taking up preschool again for the same reasons. i know you've listed some links and resources in the past - i'll have to go back and find those again - but also wondering what you're using now. thanks! :)

  3. lovely there is so many activities that could be done with dot painted and math

  4. Great idea! We'll have to get our dot markers out and get started. :) Thanks for sharing!