The creative list

Update after the break.
  • two baby blankets
  • two gallons of liquid laundry detergent
  • two digital scrapbook pages
  • a new hairdo for Tiger Lily
  • a recipe for stuffed shells
  • three apple ornaments
  • another baby blanket
  • a lopsided birthday cake
  • a bedtime story for Red Chief that helped him behave in church the next day 
  • a breakfast cookbook
  • lots of granola
  • favor bags for Red Chief's preschool party
  • more granola
  • an angel food cake
  • a two-week dairy-free menu
  • dairy-free chocolate pudding
  • a matching concert poster and program
  • an invitation
  • an orchestra concert (as member)
  • hot dog muffins
  • two more baby blankets
  • a daily homework/home-preschool plan for Red Chief
  • green eggs and ham
  • a blackberry pie
  • a chocolate chiffon cake
  • a rice baby (a doll filled with 10 pounds of rice for a church activity this summer)
  • an apron 

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