An apron: Simplicity 2626

I've been meaning to do it for a long time, and now I've finally done it: made an apron for myself. I used fabric passed along by my mother-in-law and thrifted bias tape.

It didn't go perfectly, but it went pretty well. I messed up the pockets a bit and I couldn't figure out how the waistband was supposed to work (I know I'm inexperienced but I do think the instructions could be a bit clearer) so I had to pick it out and do it again. The bias tape went really well; I'll always put it on in two steps from now on.

I'm hoping that now that I've done it once, it will be easier next time. Actually I'm not sure I'll make this pattern again, since the front kind of sags out when I wear it. I think it's the fault of the pattern and not my own; it seems to be the way it's designed. It would fit better if I had broader shoulders.

I really do like it though, and I'm happy with it. Plus, if it had all been easy, I wouldn't have learned anything!


  1. It's so pretty! Great job! If the top is what sags, you can make the bias tape ties in to a buttoned strap by adding more fabric to both ends of the ties until they connect and adding a button and buttonhole (or hook and eye, snap, etc). That's what I did on a dress and it fit much better afterward.

    I've always wanted to make myself an apron, but I'm afraid it won't look good on me. They never do. I'd have to make one of the 1900s scullery maid ones to actually cover anything :o)

  2. Very pretty! I love that pattern! Yes, waistbands can be difficult. The last apron I made, I was really wishing it wasn't a full apron, so I wouldn't have to attach the "bib!" The waist would have been so much easier that way. But I persevered and finished. :) (Back in Dec.)

  3. Awesome! Great job!

  4. I think it's beautiful! Great job. Oh, and I think all pattern instructions can be vague and hard to understand. I can never figure them out until somebody (usually my amazing seamstress mother-in-law) shows me what to do.

  5. Lovely work! Bias tape was like kryptonite for me for a long time-every time I tried to do it my brain would turn to mush. Yours looks fantastic :)