Worm soup

Last week we had some friends over, and at one point there were eight kids playing in the backyard. What were they doing? They took turns on the trampoline and the swings, they ran around a bit and tossed balls back and forth. But mostly they played with the worms.

Red Chief's sandbox (devoid of sand since last fall, as Red Chief and Tiger Lily managed to slowly transfer every bit of the sand to various other places in the backyard) had been uncovered and moved out into the open from a past escapade of his, and it filled up with water—and worms—in the last rainstorm.

The kids took pails and shovels and started transferring worms and "worm soup" back and forth. The babies even took a few swigs of the worm water when we weren't looking (ew!).

And you know what? All three moms in the backyard were okay with it. We didn't really want our kids spilling worm water all over their clothes, and the general ick factor was more than usual, but we still let our kids have their play.

I try to let my kids have their dirty time. I think it's an important part of childhood to get your hands (and everything else) dirty every once in awhile. What do you think?


  1. Absolutely! Even with four girls we get lots of mud pies, bug collections and worms in the mix. I purposely take my kids to parks without play structures because they have more fun playing with sticks and streams anyway.

    Hooray for worm soup!

  2. Very VERY important. Some of my fondest memories are of literally lying in the mud. I wish I could still get that dirty sometimes!

  3. That's funny!! It's great for kids to explore their world!! :) Oh, and when they're done with the worms, can I have a few for my garden? :)

  4. Oh yeah, kids gotta be kids! I used to make mud pies and set them all out to dry and decorate them. Fun stuff!

  5. I agree wholeheartedly, kids having fun even if thhe ick factor is in effect is very important. They learn, have fun, and won't growup afraid of everything.


  6. I believe strongly in muddy, messy kids! It's good for them.

    I ♥ Red Chief's logic you shared! Too cute.

  7. I love it. I try not to be too uptight about letting my kids get dirty - it's good for all of us. The kids enjoy nature hands-on, and I learn to lighten up and enjoy life instead of always stressing about keeping things clean and tidy. I'm glad they got to have a little worm soup, even if I would never touch the stuff. :D I figure, Heavenly Father made our skin and hair washable for a reason.

  8. I am in total agreement! I let my older 2 (the 3rd is just a baby!) make mud pies and then I "hosed" them off afterwards. They had a great time and I took pictures to capture the memories! You are doing a great job! Jennifer in IA