I'm signing Red Chief up for Kindergarten. It's been a very hard decision for me as he turns 5 in July, and he could easily wait another year, but I think sending him this year is what's right for him . . . I think. Oh, how I hate decisions like this!

In any case, I'm filling out the paperwork. Why do they care so much about race? Why does it matter at all? Also, am I a bad mom if I can't remember when he started to crawl and talk? Because I don't.


  1. Ah well. When my twins began I got a lovely letter back from the school enquringing why I was enroling my 14 yr olds in kindergarten. Nope. Couldn't even get their birth date right. It will all be good.

  2. I really can't believe the school questions some people get. My kinder registration is all straightforward. Mo will be starting as well, and I think it will be good for him. Remember if it doesn't work for Red Chief you can always pull him out.

    Oh and the race statistics aren't for the school, but for State and Federal Government requirements.

  3. Annalise doesn't "Qualify" for Pre-K 4 in the public school here. The kids in Pre-K 4 kids have to be either non-English speaking, extremely poor, or with a parent in active military duty. I was disappointed, and kind of worried that she'll be bored in Kinder, because she is pretty much already learning the stuff in daycare (and at home, too). I was advanced in Kindergarten and dealt with my boredom by being Problem Child. My fear is my child will pay me back for that.

  4. My heart goes out to you. I remember staying up late at night praying about Kindergarten for our first-it's such a huge step for them and us.
    Here in Hawaii we get more money from the government the more native Hawaiians we have enrolled. Maybe something like that for you?
    I don't remember when my kiddos walked or talked either. But I do remember the weight of my new baby sleeping on my chest, the feel of little arms hugging my knees, the smell of their heads after a bath. Dates can't compare :)

  5. @TJ - "Oh and the race statistics aren't for the school, but for State and Federal Government requirements." Yep.
    @Ganeida - LOL
    @Danielle - same here. I think you can score up to 200 pts, 100 for socio-economic status and 100 for knowledge. The more points the better - since more points gets you a slot. My daughter didn't even clear 10.

  6. My birthday's in July and I survived with the older kids. He'll be fine, he's a smart kid!

  7. Not to add to your second guessing, but consider this: My mom and my aunt both taught Kindergarten. They both said that year after year they could pick out all the boys with summer birthdays the first two weeks of school, without ever looking at any official records. I have never ever talked with a mom who held her son back a year that ever regretted it. But I have talked to more than a few who wish they had. A sense of readiness at this stage can often be very nicely fulfilled in a good preschool that still allows for more home time than Kinder.