It's my job

I think I'm becoming a grown-up. Because I'm finally starting to realize that if I don't do the work, it is not going to magically get done somehow. The only way to get it done is to do it myself.*

When I lived with my parents, I might leave a bowl encrusted with cream of wheat on the counter and someone—probably my mom—would eventually take care of it.  But if I leave a bowl encrusted with cream of wheat on the counter now, it's going to turn into cream of wheat cement. Whose job is it to deal with that? Mine.

If I left my coat on the couch instead of hanging it up, chances are my mom would probably call me to hang it up, but every once in awhile, it might get magically hung up without any effort on my part. Now, my coat will stay on the couch until I hang it up—or, if I'm less lucky, the kids will take it and decide to try it on over their muddy clothes and then I'll have to wash it as well.

If Tiger Lily dumps her high chair tray of macaroni and cheese onto the floor, if the laundry baskets are full of dirty clothes, if the walls are sprouting spiderwebs, if the front garden is weedy, if someone dumped cheerios on the carpet and danced on them—my job to take care of it. I don't have a fairy godmother or a maid or even a child old enough to take care of the problem.

So I guess I'm coming to a few different conclusions here. One, of course, is that the housework is my job, and I need to get it done. The other is that procrastinating it isn't going to help me any, it's just going to make more work.

I really am on top of the housework most of the time. In fact, a week ago I was caught up with laundry, I had recently mopped the kitchen, the toys were picked up, and the bathrooms were clean. But the weekend was crazy and then I crashed and now I'm behind again.

In the next few days, I need to get the house company ready, do oodles of laundry, pack for a short trip, and do some work for my orchestra. That's in addition to normal stuff like keeping the toys picked up and making dinner and doing dishes and keeping the kids from killing themselves.

No one else is going to do it for me, so I'd better stop writing about it and get to work.

* I am not trying to say that Mr. Mordecai doesn't do any work around here. He does plenty, and he even cleans up after me. But the housekeeping is my job and I'm the one who needs to do most of it.


  1. Mrs. M
    I thoroughly enjoy your posts.
    We've both come a long way since reading Mrs. Piggle Wiggle while sitting together on the sidewalk. Wonderful memories are made while raising a family. Hopefully, good memories will also come because of darling neighborhood children.
    Love you Sweetie, pusher

  2. It is a ongoing joke between Ben and me on my thinking that my mom would always move with me when I got married. Sometimes I look around and think I want my mommy. I think moms are the best and someday I hope my kids think that I too could maybe lessen their burdens in life. I think you are great so glad that we get to be family.

  3. I so wish I could take a big trip around the country and clean houses of all my friends and family everywhere who are struggling with this same thing.

  4. Oh, the harsh reality. I'm totally with you. ;) I recently had a comment on my blog that said something like, "don't you just hate it when the answer is simply self-discipline." So true and sometimes so hard. I have been consciously working on this very thing for the past couple of weeks and well lets just say our house is a much more pleasant place to be. I hope it sticks.

  5. I know just what you mean. But somehow there's always just a little more to be done when I've run out of steam. Still, one has to keep trying to be ahead of the game i guess. Good luck with all the busyness up ahead.

  6. I hear you! I think about this daily. I agree with you that if I don't do things promptly, it always adds more work. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! You always seem to express exactly what I'm thinking. I love having friends who know exactly what I'm going through and feeling.