I have a friend who says that when girls play together, you add them up, but when boys play together, they're exponential.

That all sounds very good, but doing the math, 1ˆ1 is still one. So according to the formula I have 2 kids at my house. But if I just add them up, there are five. Hmm.


  1. Isn't math great?

    Now... if you choose to argue that one boy is like two girls, then you end up with something like 2^2^2^2 = 256!

  2. I realized that might be a bit confusing if you didn't know there are three extra boys at my house this morning.

  3. I'd agree unless she's talking about them being base e exponential. Then I'd calculate boys to be e^n, which ends up with one boy being the same as ~2.718 girls. Your four boys would mean you'd have 56 kids at your house! :o)