Easter mantel

An Easter arrangement on the mantel: thrifted milk glass vases and eggs on sticks, plus clearance Easter grass from last year. Also a glimpse of the new couches (finally!), the in-progress window treatment, and Red Chief reading the scout catalog.

The mantel is generally the only place I decorate, because it's the only place the kids can't reach (well, they can, but usually they don't bother). Speaking of which, Tiger Lily is climbing on the counters and getting into the cupboards and making plenty of mischief lately. It's hard to believe she's almost two.


  1. i love your new couches!! i collect milk glass from thrift stores too. i wish i had a mantel... i really like how you've decorated it. plus, without a mantel, i've never quite figured out what to do with the christmas stockings. they definitely need a mantel.

  2. What a cool idea. Love your vases all lined up.