Too easy

Lately our state legislature has been doing some things that make me a bit angry. I've always been a fairly opinionated individual, and eventually I couldn't keep quiet any longer. I composed an email and shot it off to the entire state legislature.

I should never have started. I've found myself writing twice more since then (on a smaller scale) and it's just too easy. If I have an opinion on something, I just click over to the website and fire off an email.

I think they'd better watch out. I'm ready to continue pestering them indefinitely.

Have you ever written your elected officials? Do you think it makes a difference?


  1. When I'd go to physics conferences, they had computer terminals where you could write to congress, the president, etc about increasing funding for science. I did it once, when they stripped earth science from the NASA budget.

  2. I wrote for a while on an issue I was quite passionate about. Over time my point of view lost out. It left a very bitter taste, feeling like our elected officials didn't really care what their constituents thought or wanted. (especially since 70% of the state agreed with me!)

  3. A little pestering can go a long way. If more people spoke up, the views would be more balanced. Keep it up!