Tiger Lily: the facts

Image courtesy magazineart.org
  • Surprising foods she likes: raw onions, tomato juice, salt and vinegar chips, pickles
  • Favorite show: SuperWhy
  • Favorite socks: rainbow
  • Favorite hairdo: "tails"
  • Favorite person: Red Chief
  • Favorite toy: tea set
  • Favorite animal sound: monkey
  • Favorite activity: coloring (preferably on forbidden objects) and eating crayons
  • Second favorite activity: fastening clips
  • Favorite places to sneak off to: the bathroom and Red Chief's room
  • Favorite actress: Shirley Temple
  • Favorite book: I could tell you, but it will change in thirty minutes

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    1. Hee ;D So much fun! Love that her favorite book is ever changing and she enjoys Shirley Temple. (I loved it when my little ones would watch old Shirley Temple movies with me once upon a time :)