Hot dog muffins

Creative moment last night. I was trying to decide what to make for dinner. The supplies were low, and my menu options were few because I had forgotten to soak my beans.

I found half a package of hot dogs in the fridge. No buns, though. So I whipped up a batch of cornbread batter, cut the hot dogs up in thirds, and divvied the batter and hot dogs into muffin cups.

Mr. Mordecai and I thought they were good enough—but Tiger Lily talked about them all night. She loved finding the hidden hot dog in her muffin. So I will make them again, for Tiger Lily.


  1. I've thought about putting hot dogs in corn bread for a corn dogish flavor, but I've never tried it... I may have to!

  2. sounds good haven't had like this

  3. Adorable! Is is ok to describe a recipe as adorable? :}

    My little grandbaby's middle name is Mordecai--so it always makes me smile when I read the name. You are a very creative lady. Some of the best recipes are made just like that!