Dreaming of spring

A few nights ago I had not one but two dreams that I was planting things. First I was moving around bulbs and then I was planting seeds. I'm thinking of doing something extreme this year, like digging up a large portion of the backyard so I can have a real garden. I just want to spend more time outside and make my ugly yard less ugly.

I ordered some tansy seed for the front flowerbed. There's a place that's overridden by ants and I'm hoping the tansy will chase them away for good (and be pretty). This year I'm also hoping to move around my bulbs in the front, improve the soil, and plant something permanent in the big blank spot where I pulled out the ugly bushes last year. It's so hard to decide what to plant, though, and I'm not very experienced. Maybe sage, oregano, and black-eyed susan? Last year I planted some wildflower seeds there and only the black-eyed susans came up. Sweet alyssum has also done well there; I could edge with that.


  1. I've started planning my garden as well... I already have some seeds started. It looks like my cucumbers may need to get in the ground soon though!! It's only been a few days and they are already outgrowing the little peat pods! :)

  2. we are dreaming of spring as well
    I got some herbs to plant

  3. Come to Houston, our garden is already sprouting like crazy.

  4. I'm interested to hear how the tansy works! We have far too many ants in my garden. I don't mind except when I kneel in them.

    We have been in the 40's and 50's so I'm hoping the ground thaws soon. I also think some huge (2ft or bigger) planters may be on my birthday wishlist.