The creative list

Update after the break.
  • two baby blankets
  • two gallons of liquid laundry detergent
  • two digital scrapbook pages
  • a new hairdo for Tiger Lily (in which the bow actually remained in place for four hours)
  • a recipe for stuffed shells (that we liked but that I can probably never figure out how to make again)
  • three apple ornaments
  • another baby blanket
  • a lopsided birthday cake
  • a bedtime story for Red Chief that helped him behave in church the next day 
  • a breakfast cookbook (I needed all my breakfast recipes in one place because I'm not all there in the morning)
  • lots of granola
    • favor bags for Red Chief's preschool party
    • more granola (cherry-almond this time)
    • an angel food cake
    • a two-week dairy-free menu
    • dairy-free chocolate pudding
    • a matching concert poster and program
    • an invitation


      1. I ADORE your blog! Your list is intimidating!! I wish I could accomplish half of that!

      2. How's the dairy-free thing going? I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to cut dairy out of our lives.

        And I agree with you about physics; I should have added it to my list. I've always been intimidated by science and when I took chemistry.... well, it didn't go so well. I've still always been interested in the sciences. My hope is that as my kids go through school I can study everything they learn with them and learn all those things I didn't understand when I was in school. :D

      3. Don't forget to save the scraps for a crazy quilt!