To butter and back

A few years back I made the transition from margarine to butter. I've finally gotten used to the higher cost of butter and the small differences in baking and cooking with it.

And now that I'm used to it, we're switching back—at least for awhile. We're going dairy-free with Red Chief for the next little while to see if it helps a problem he's been having.

I thought it would be pretty easy—the first day I contemplated it, I just thought of all the wonderful things we could make without dairy products.

But then it hit me: pizza is gone. I love pizza night, because we just pop a good frozen pizza in the oven and sit down on a sheet on the carpet while we eat and watch a movie and it's easy and fun and I get a break from cooking dinner.

Tonight we're having Chinese dumplings instead. Yum. But they're a lot of work. I'm looking for a new fun food that doesn't have dairy in it and that allows me to take a break from cooking and that is appropriate movie food and that hopefully has some nutritional value.

So. Any suggestions? Also any suggestions for getting Red Chief used to this? It's so hard to tell him he can't have his favorite foods because he might have a sensitivity to milk. I've explained it to him and he understands, but that doesn't mean he likes it.


  1. My, now 5 yo, had a milk allergy when she was little. It was a difficult transitions for me. For pizza night, which I LOVE, I made small calzones, which is a pizza folded over. I would her's with a few more toppings and skip the cheese. Everyone else would have ones with cheese if they wanted. Often I would make the same for everyone. I like to make them small and we can hold them in our hand. Not much spilling. Let me know if you need a little more advice. I know how hard if can be at first while you're getting used to it.

  2. how hard. I had to go off dairy when I was nursing and I HATED it.
    What about popcorn and sandwiches for a night off dinner while you watch movies? That's our Sunday night supper so I don't have to cook.

  3. There is a really good almond milk cheese done in the mozzerella style that I enjoy on pizzas. It has the flavor and meltability that fat free or soy cheeses don't. I find it at the health food store. With a boboli crust and your favorite toppings, pizza night could still be on the menu and quick to make.

  4. We always had "goulash" for Friday night dinners.
    cooked pasta, crumbled hamburger, canned tomatoes, a bit of tomato sauce and what ever vegetable happened to be handy. Very good, very filling and takes about 10 minutes to make.

  5. try daiya cheese. it's available at whole foods. it's vegan. it's amazing on pizza.

  6. I missed this when you originally posted, but almond cheese I've heard is pretty good. We drink almond milk and coconut milk in our home, in addition to regular milk. (I'm lactose intolerant, and have suspected that Kaia may be as well)