The creative list

Update after the break.
  • two baby blankets
  • two gallons of liquid laundry detergent
  • two digital scrapbook pages
  • a new hairdo on Tiger Lily (in which the bow actually remained in place for four hours)
  • a recipe for stuffed shells (that we liked but that I can probably never figure out how to make again)
  • three apple ornaments
  • another baby blanket
  • a lopsided birthday cake
  • a bedtime story for Red Chief that helped him behave in church the next day 
  • a breakfast cookbook (I needed all my breakfast recipes in one place because I'm not all there in the morning)
  • lots of granola


  1. Come to my house anytime :) Sounds very productive.

  2. How about a crazy quilt from all the scraps?

  3. Wow! How wonderful. What a great bunch of wonderful accomplishments.