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Life is very busy lately and it's fun trying to keep up!

Last Sunday Mr. Mordecai and I received new church callings, which unfortunately means we have to give up our cub scouts. I'm confident they'll find someone fantastic to take our place with the scouts, but until they find our replacement, we're doing double-duty, as Mr. Mordecai is now an adviser for fourteen- and fifteen-year-old boys, and I'm an assistant secretary in the Primary.

Also Tiger Lily is busy in the full bloom of toddler-hood; Red Chief has been hit with a mild case of croup (he's on the mend); I'm ironing out the details for an upcoming orchestra concert; and Mr. Mordecai is extra-busy at work. Oh, and my menus have been all shaken up trying to take Red Chief off dairy.

But it's nice to have plenty to do. My reading time has been suffering, but I guess this is just my answer to whether I read too much: yes!

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  1. Good to hear the update;) Sounds like you are swamped, hope everyone is up and going soon, good luck with everything ;)