Tiger Lily the toddler

  • Broke a jar
  • Told me to sit on the stairs
  • Poured syrup on the couch and carpet
  • Dumps her high chair tray after nearly every meal
  • Blows raspberries on my arm
  • Extracts terrible sounds from the cat when she hugs it
  • Loves Big Bird and Cookie Monster
  • Thinks she'll always get what she wants if she nods her head yes while she asks you
  • Is starting to sing the ABC song recognizably
  • Loves coloring and eating crayons


  1. * Tells you "bye-bye" to encourage you to leave if you discover her engaging in mischief.

  2. you mean syrup doesn't belong on the couch? :)

  3. i have a crayon eater too! just curious, who is/was more busy at this age? red chief or tiger lily?

  4. It seems like Red Chief was busier but I think part of it was that there was no one but me to be with most of the day. Tiger Lily has Red Chief to follow around and I think it helps both of us.

  5. She is starting to look more and more like her brother.

  6. Aren't toddlers fun?!