Recently tried recipes

  • Oven hot dogs. These were a hit with everyone, and I'll probably make them again. They're not on my healthy list, though.
  • Bratwurst and potato soup. I was really excited about this one, but I wasn't as wowed as I had hoped. It was good and we ate it all, but I don't think we'll have it again.
  • Pretzel baked chicken. This was a huge hit with the kids, who love pretzels. Red Chief loved smashing the pretzels.
  • No-roll enchiladas. We loved these, but we all got sick the night after eating them, so I've kind of lost my taste for them.
  • Ten-minute angel hair soup. This is more a set of guidelines than a recipe, but I've used the idea several times and it makes a perfect lunch.
  • Chicken curry. This is perfect! We're going to make it a lot. I like more veggies and less chicken.
  • Stuffed pepper soup. This was excellent. We'll definitely have it again.
  • Slow cooker bolognese. This was pretty good—very basic. It was too sweet for me even after reducing the sugar so I'll add even less next time. We'll be making it again with further tweaks as I am trying to do more of our Sunday spaghetti in the slow cooker this year.
  • Honey-mustard chicken drumsticks. These were perfectly fine but not special enough to bother making them again.
  • Fluffy cake doughnuts. This is the recipe I've been looking for! I use it in my doughnut pan and I added melted unsweetened chocolate. Yum.
  • Oven-fried chicken tenders. These were just right, and it's a good basic recipe to keep around.
  • Tuscan bread soup. This was a fun soup to make. It's different from what we usually have. It was very good.
  • Italian cabbage and white bean soup. This was great and it's entering our regular rotation with some tweaks (I'm not sure the bacon added much, for example).
  • General Tso's chicken. Yum.


    1. I love when you do this! I have tried so many of the recipes you have tried!

    2. Oooo those all sound so good! I can't wait to try the General Tso's Chicken sometime.