Impossibly ugly

At the thrift store after Christmas, I found these impossibly ugly apple ornaments. White apple-shaped styrofoam with silver leaves and blue moon- and star-shaped sequins glued on, made in China.

I had to get them because they were just the awfullest things I'd ever seen and I wanted to make them into something nice. I'd been decoupaging old book pages onto round ornaments all month, and luckily it worked for these too.

I think they may be destined for a teacher in the future.


  1. Very cute!! You've taken something that I probably wouldn't give a second look and made it adorable! I may have to keep my eye out for some "ugly" ornaments! :)

  2. Oh! I like.
    The one decoupaged with old books not the original one. :-P

  3. Good job! Looks much better.