Homemade liquid laundry detergent

Awhile ago, Kristine sent me a kit for making homemade liquid laundry soap. I was pretty excited to try it, since I'd only ever made powdered laundry detergent before.

It arrived before Christmas and got lost in all the busyness, but I finally pulled it out and made it up earlier this month. I'm such a nerd. Why do I find these sorts of things so much fun?

I won't put the recipe up here, because Kristine already has a perfectly good set of instructions right here. My only notes would be: (1) use a really big pot, because it foams like crazy, and (2) if it turns out lumpy, like mine, it works better if you put it in the powder compartment of your HE washer, not the liquid spot.

Conclusions: this was a lot of fun to make. It works perfectly well—I have used half a gallon so far and all my clothes have come out beautifully. I think making the powder is slightly easier, since there's no cooking involved. But they both work well and last practically forever. Success!

Here's the only picture I managed to take before my camera batteries died. Thanks for the kit, Kristine! You packaged it up so nicely and I really enjoyed using it.

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  1. I really enjoy making the homemade detergent as well.

    I had to buy some before Christmas, with all the busy getting ready and travel we did, but I was actually glad last week when it ran out, and I could go back to the homemade kind.

    I mix lavender essential oil in the the detergent when I make it, and it smells so good! Maybe that's why I like it so much.b