A creative year

I've been thinking about creativity ever since I made a pie last August, and I think it would be fun to keep a list of the things I create this year. I'm hoping that a list will inspire me to create, motivate me to get my work out of the way, and help me realize how much creating I do. I'm not going to limit myself to sewing and craft projects—if I manage to create an extraordinary dinner or a cozy evening home, that might well go on the list. I'll update periodically.

So far this year, I've created:
  • two baby blankets
  • two gallons of liquid laundry detergent
  • two digital scrapbook pages
  • a new hairdo on Tiger Lily (in which the bow actually remained in place for four hours)
  • a recipe for stuffed shells (that we liked but that I can probably never figure out how to make again)


    What have you created lately? What do you want to create this year?


    1. That is a beautiful message.

    2. I love that video!

      I made a new recipe (tuna melts) that my family LOVES (and I would have never guessed that, either!)

      I am almost done with sewing several baby bibs.
      If you're counting laundry soap I made three batches :)