Books my 18-month-old loves

About three years ago, I posted some of Red Chief's favorite books as an 18-month-old, and now it's Tiger Lily's turn. Funny that none of the books are the same.

Eloise Wilkin Stories. Tiger Lily can't get enough of Eloise Wilkin's illustrations (she loves the "babies"). We read her  Mother Goose Rhymes and Prayers for Children, but her treasury of stories (about 9 books in one) is the current favorite.

Curious George by H.A. Rey. Yes, she can sit through all 64 pages. Tiger Lily is a very opinionated baby and won't sit through a book she doesn't care for. She loves Curious George, probably at least partly because Red Chief does too.

Three Little Kittens by Paul Galdone. Tiger Lily loves this classic rhyme and the pages of kitten illustrations that accompany it.

No, David! by David Shannon. One of the cutest things I've seen is Tiger Lily sitting down with this book and reading it to herself. I didn't love this book at first but it's grown on me.

Bear at Home by Stella Blackstone. Tiger Lily loves the bold pictures in this book, especially of the black-and-white striped cat.

The Mitten by Jan Brett. We have the board book edition, which is shorter, sturdier, and generally better suited to toddlers than the original. Tiger Lily loves making the sneezing sound for the bear.

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  1. Brendon loves just about any book he finds, and any magazine as well. This morning he brought me the Papa Murphy's coupons to read to him. :) We have The Mitten too. It's such a cute book.