2010 reading—kids

Last year at the beginning of the year, I thought to myself that it would be fun to keep track of how many books I read to my kids all year. And I've done it, and the year's over.

I read 759 books to my kids last year, not counting repeats (and there were many repeats, especially for Tiger Lily, who is wary of new books).

I like my list, because it gives me something quantifiable, and it's awfully hard to pin down your progress as a mom sometimes.

So I may not know whether Red Chief will turn out to be a politician, a dentist, or a traveling salesman, but at least I know that I read to him. A lot.


  1. That's a good idea, and a good website.
    We went through a phase a while back when Annalise would stop me mid-way through the story and insist on finishing the story herself, basing her own endings on the pictures. I wouldn't know whether to count those or not...

  2. You are an amazing momma - way to go :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. Wow, that's so great! No matter what your kids become, they will have MANY great memories reading with their mom :o)