Simple paper Christmas ornaments

1. Cut several strips of paper. I used red and green construction paper and cut it the short way across.  Then take five strips. Cut an inch or two off two of the strips, and a bit more off one strip, as shown above. Exact measurements aren't important as long as your two long strips are the same length and your two medium-sized strips are the same length.

2. Knot a piece of string for a hanger. Line all your strips up, bottoms together, and staple them together, with the string on top.

3. Line the other side of your strips up and staple.

This was a great project for Red Chief to help with, as his scissor skills are constantly improving. In the end, he decided to commandeer the scraps and turn them into confetti rather than actually help, but we both still had fun.


  1. Thanks for sharing! So simple and so elegant!

  2. Materials I already have for our Daisy Troop. We will work on this at our next meeting. Thank you so much.