Organizing recipes

I've had them in a card file, in binder, and on the computer, not to mention a big pile on the kitchen counter, but I'm still struggling to find the ideal solution. I'm feeling ready to tackle the problem again, but first I thought I'd solicit some advice. How do you organize your recipes?


  1. my recipe organization leaves much to be desired right now. but... when i am able to devote some time to it, i'm going to finish my recipe binder which is similar to this (http://www.keeperofthehome.org/2010/01/organization-in-the-real-food-kitchen-favorite-recipes-lists.html) and this (http://www.keeperofthehome.org/2010/01/organization-in-the-real-food-kitchen-my-recipe-binder.html).

    i'd be very interested to know what you end up deciding on. :)

  2. I have a profile on www.allrecipes.com. It's free, you can search for new recipes as well as the changes other people have made to certain recipes, complete with stars, rating each recipe. You can have you're own cookbook on there, both of things you have added that other people have posted, and your own recipes. This might be a great place to keep your best recipes, and keep abreast of new recipes floating around cyberspace, reviewed by regular cooks.

  3. I have my own cookbook in a binder. I collected recipes I like and family recipes, typed them up, printed it out, and put them in page protectors in a binder. Every so often I update with new recipes I've found. New ones waiting to go in are usually cut out and stuck in the front binder pocket.

  4. Mrs. Mordecai,

    Currently, I have a recipe binder to store all my recipes. I just used divider tabs (e.g., Chicken/Turkey, Breads, Pastas, etc.) so my recipes can be placed under a specific tab. Of course, they are not in any order.

    If I was more organized, I could make a table of contents with page numbers so I could easily find the recipe that I am looking for. However, this step of the process has not occured yet, but for the moment, I am content just to have my recipes all in once place!


    -Lady Rose

  5. Hi there,
    I just started reading your blog and am a first-time commenter. But I wanted to say, I keep my recipes in a section of my home-making binder. Then everything is all in one place. :)

  6. I write all of my favorite ones on their own page in a composition book I got at the beginning of the schoo year for 25 cents.

  7. It sounds like you're like me and you have recipes all over the place! Here's my solution to you. When you find a recipe you like, like a tear out page from a magazine, keep them all together in a folder or binder in the kitchen. I have a large binder with many categories I use for storing recipes to be tried out. After I try out the recipe I do a number of things, if we don't like it that recipe goes into the trash if I don't think I can fix it, if I think I can improve upon it it goes back into the kitchen binder, if we love it I transfer it to my small recipe box for safekeeping. All our beloved favorite recipes are there in one place!