My four-year-old helper

Today I cleaned upstairs: general tidying; changing all the sheets and towels; vacuuming; and cleaning the bathroom. Theoretically this happens every Monday, but sometimes it doesn't, and I've gotten very good at putting off the bathroom.

In any case, things went really well today, and I think it was because I gave Red Chief some constructive things to help with. He doesn't like me to tell him to go play, he wants to work with me. How can I complain about that? But sometimes a four-year-old's help isn't exactly conducive to getting the work done.

Today, Red Chief shuttled all the dirty linens to the correct baskets. He scrubbed the walls and doors around the bathroom while I cleaned it (I put up the baby gate so I could still be with my kids but so they couldn't get into the bathroom [and since I figured that out I've been getting the bathroom clean a lot more often]). He also unwrapped a big pack of soap and put it into the soap jar, a task that I don't enjoy but that he loves. And he changed the laundry from the washer to the dryer all by himself.

After lunch I realized that not only was he not in the way, he was actually helpful! I think I like my new hard-working four-year-old. It's sometimes hard to come up with things that he can do that are actually helpful, but I love that he's getting older and is able to do more things now.

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