Red Chief's playlist

The kids were really good in church yesterday: too good. Then I noticed Tiger Lily was feeling a bit warm. A few hours later at home, I found Red Chief laying in the middle of the hard kitchen floor with an uneaten Halloween candy bar at his side.

I don't need to take their temperature or visit the doctor to know they're sick: all I need to do is look at the couch and see my two poor, lethargic children drooped over, laying absolutely still with their eyes half-open. I can hardly think of anything more pitiful than two usually active children who don't move.

I read a few Curious George stories out loud, but then my voice started to go. After that, Red Chief enjoyed listening to some audio books. He chose:
Later we watched some churchy movies:


    1. The poor things! I'm sure Momma will take good care of them and nurse them back to health. I miss my mommy when I get sick. *B* does a good job, but it's just not the same :o)

    2. I'm sorry they are sick, but I do find it funny that you know your kids are sick when they are well behaved at church. Mine are the same way!

    3. Amazon currently has a free download of the Veggie Tales Christmas Album for MP3 players. I thought you might enjoy it. I have it on my itunes for the kids now.


    4. How are they now?