Letter Z

Here's our preschool plan for letter Z:
Wow, it's been awhile since we started the alphabet; I was a bit slow getting to Z (and then posting it). In any case, here is Z. For the zoo Z we just used animal stickers. I'm happy with how far Red Chief has come since we started the alphabet. He was able to write his own Z and put the stickers on. For the zebra, he cut out a bit of it and drew the stripes on himself. I still can't tell if he's left- or right-handed, but he's certainly writing better lately.

On the right is his interpretation of a digestive system. He cut out the foam pieces and glued them on the paper himself. Then he told me all about all the parts, from esophagus to large intestine. Out of everything we talk about, I think he's the most fascinated with his digestive system.

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