Flowers for Red Chief

Red Chief was distressed by the dead and dying flowers languishing on the mantelpiece. It was an easy thing to step out to the front yard and harvest a few flowers that are miraculously still alive—black-eyed susan and sweet alyssum.

Red Chief says the flowers help him feel better. And I certainly think it's more attractive than a bunch of wilted flowers and some dusty, stray DVD cases.

Oh, and the kids both seem to be on the mend.

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  1. I think one reason I dislike flower arrangements, is they always die and I forget to throw them out in a timely manner. I ♥ the look of arrangements, and feel that flowers add so much to an environment, but when they lose their freshness, it is depressing. I think that is why I love my office with all of my houseplants. I only wish I could grow them all at home, but the cats do not allow it.