What's for lunch?

Every day when lunchtime rolls around, I start racking my brains for something simple, fast, and good. Leftovers usually win when they're available; if not, I have to be more creative. Every once in awhile I have a day where I wander the kitchen,  feeling utterly at a loss, wondering to myself, "What should I eat for lunch?" (I hope to remedy that with rule number four below.)

I rarely plan lunch as I do dinner. I never write out a menu or a shopping list. Lunch, for me, is a time to use up what I have on hand. It's a time to eat up the leftovers, to use up the last little bit of this or that before it has a chance to spoil.

My lunch rules:
  1. Use what's in the fridge—leftovers or little bits of this or that
  2. Prepare it quickly—20 minutes or less, so you still feel inspired to make dinner in a few hours
  3. Keep staples on hand so you can whip up your favorites
  4. Have an idea list so you don't feel lost
  5. Keep a well-stocked fruit bowl

How do you do lunch?


  1. Bean burritos & grilled cheese sandwiches are favorites when I don't have leftovers.

  2. My school provides lunch, so I eat whatever they make. But we tend to make burritos, quesadillas, or macaroni and cheese when we don't have dinner planned.

  3. Our lunches are just the same. I don't plan a menu or buy extra items for lunch. Usually it is leftovers but if not it is mac and cheese, a sandwich, or a quesadilla. Often my little man has been wanting a "face" lunch (today it was crackers with cheese for the eyes, a cookie nose, and mixed fruit for the smiley face) or a muffin tin lunch (mini muffin tin filled with random items like cheese, fruit, yogurt, vegies, pasta, crackers, etc) which forces me to think outside the box, give him more variety, and make it more fun.

  4. recently I've been eating lunch while running to teach class. I hate it. I like your way much better.