Catching back up

After nearly a week of doing only the bare minimum of housework, things are pretty messy around here! It seems like everything needs done, but I'm still a bit tired. There are toys everywhere and all the floors need vacuumed, swept, and mopped, and the kitchen is still dirty. I don't even want to think about the bathrooms. And today I just noticed that there seem to be cobwebs in all sorts of hard-to-reach corners. I'm making progress, though: I've stripped all the beds and changed the towels, I have about eight loads of laundry lined up and treated for stains, and I've emptied the kitchen sink.

Sometimes when so much needs done, I'm not sure where to start. I feel as if anything I can do can't possibly make a difference. But then I start the laundry (because it takes so long) and do a load of dishes, then I clean up the kitchen and move into the living room, and it eventually gets done. I have to start in the kitchen, because I can't function with a messy kitchen. I'll just keep plodding along and resting between until it's all done. And it will be soon enough.

Do you have a certain order or method that you turn to when everything's a mess? Any tips?


P.S. Did you know that a large sixteen-month-old baby fits through a cat door?


  1. Sounds like we have a similar system. I start with the kitchen, working from one end of the house to the other. I take a big laundry basket with me to throw things into so I'm not walking back and forth. And inspiring music is so key for me-usually Mormon Tabernacle Choir or Frank Sinatra : )

  2. I have to turn on some large music, start in the kitchen, and work in a clockwise direction. Even within the kitchen (or other individual rooms) I work clockwise, starting in one spot and moving around until it's finished. My mom says, "Working in a clockwise manner keeps you in flow with the energy...".

  3. Divide everything up into dishes, laundry and trash then wipe everything else down, and then you'll find that there really isn't anything left to do...
    Oh, and vacuum. But vacuum last, because as you clean, stuff falls.

  4. On laundry days (thursdays and sundays, with a few extras in between), I wake up, put a load in the washer (without turning it on), feed the kids, wash dishes, then when I'm done doing the dishes, I start the load, take the trash out, clean the living room, take the load out and hang it up outside, clean the kitchen, then move on to whatever other chore I have for that day. I use google calendar to divide my chores, and also rememberthemilk.com for all my lists (like appointments, to do, birthdays, etc. Seriously, check out the websites, they make my life easier.

  5. I'm just dying to see a picture of the 16 mo old in the cat door! I have a 16 mo old too, and I can't imagine it! lol!

  6. Speaking of house cleaning...

    I have recently been following some minimalist blogs, and they have really influenced how I view "stuff" and I now have a much less cluttered home that is much easier to keep clean. Here is one post I really like:


    There are some other good links on this post:


    When I think about buying something new I now think not only about the cost, but about the space it will take up in my home. Do I have a place for it? If not, it may just unnecessarily clutter my home--and my life.