Breathing room for coats

This morning I made a Target run. One of those runs where you buy so many diapers and clothes and piddly miscellaneous items that your cart is overflowing by the time you check out. I may have even bought some stocking stuffers for the kids. Before Halloween! Oh my.

In any case, one of my purchases was a box of 24 wooden hangers. We've been using plastic hangers in our coat closet, and they keep breaking under the weight of the coats. So when I came home today, I took everything down and put up the lovely new hangers. Why is it so thrilling to have hangers that all match?

I pulled out two baby buntings to store and one coat to donate. I would pull out some of Red Chief's old coats to store too, but they fit Tiger Lily well enough now and I'm too cheap to buy girl coats.

And now I keep peeking into the closet to look at my matching hangers.


  1. I LOVE matching hangers too! Especially wooden ones. It makes me feel like my life is organized (whether or not it is!) ;)

  2. I purchased new plastic hangers from Target when we first got married, and had to go back to get more because I didn't like having wire AND plastic hangers...is that too much OCD? :)

  3. I've always wanted the wooden hangers, but I could never justify it to myself. One of these days I'm just going to do it and love it :o)

  4. Isn't it great the little things that are so satisfying?

    I got some collaspsible hampers at Target last weekend, and it's strange how much fun I've had using them to sort things.