Still caught up

 Image courtesy of magazineart.com

I have been caught up with the dishes since last Tuesday, which is probably a record for me. I know it's silly to always be behind, and how hard is it really to just keep the dishes going, and any reasonable adult would just do it as a matter of course. But it's not second-nature for me, although I hope to make it that way. And meanwhile, I'm enjoying my empty kitchen counters.

The clear counters have caused me to bake bread, onion-poppyseed sandwich buns, cinnamon rolls, and honey cookies.

And they're the perfect place for Red Chief to dry his paintings—there are no less than twelve on the counters at the moment, in various stages of dryness.

He's been writing books with his paints lately. Yesterday he wrote Peter Rabbit; today he's writing Jabberwocky.


  1. I am terrible with keeping up on dishes. Some nights it is after 7:30 when we finally get dinner, so doing dishes ends up behind getting kids to bed, and then I'm too exhausted. I try to do them in the morning, but sometimes I'm running late and don't get to it.

  2. Would you look at Red Chief! How he's grown!

    I wish I knew what it was like to have clean counters. It has been so long :o)

  3. Well if I do the dishes it's the morning after the night before so I'm always behind. I reckon I'm doing well if they're rinsed & stacked. Frankly I'm too tired at night to tackle that last chore.