Removing crayon from the dishwasher

I shouldn't have said I was caught up on dishes, not out loud. That very day, Tiger Lily dropped a brown crayon into the dishwasher, and it has thrown my kitchen completely off-kilter since then.

She had been running around with crayons as I had loaded the dishwasher that morning, but I didn't think much of it. When all the plastic came out coated with a light brown film, though, I knew what had happened.

And let me tell you, I am never going to let crayons near my dishwasher again! No sir, if I ever get wind of crayons near an open dishwasher, they'll be removed from the vicinity.

The dishwasher just wasn't working right—even after I ran an empty cycle with plenty of dishwasher soap, and one with a pint of vinegar, and one with castile soap, and one with bleach, the dishes weren't coming out quite right—there were funny white patches on some of them.


After I dropped Red Chief off at preschool yesterday, Tiger Lily and I headed to the grocery store for Goo Gone, my last hope (I had read about it helping someone else). Unfortunately they didn't have any, but they did have some dishwasher cleaner. I ran a cycle with it according to the instructions, and I was encouraged to see upon the completion of the cycle that the biggest patch of brown crayon on the bottom of the dishwasher was gone. It wasn't all gone, but the dishwasher looked much, much better, and most of the hard water deposits were gone, too!

I ran a very full cycle of dishes, and everything came out clean and film-free! In fact, I think my dishwasher is working even better than before the crayon incident. I think I should clean it more often. It's probably worth the $5 the dishwasher cleaner cost.

Oh, and the dishes are all caught up again. Yay.

Do you ever clean your dishwasher?


  1. Well, my dishwasher is my hands, so yeah I clean mine quite frequently;-)

    hehehe sometimes I crack myself up;-D

    Have you ever had a crayon in your dryer? I have, Mulitple Times. Ohhhh, so not pretty:-/

  2. I've never had a crayon in the dishwasher but my dryer drum still has a blue tent to it. That was a two day project to get clean. And of course I had decided to toss some of my clothes in the load with my sons that time. I did get a lot of it out but the crayon was stubborn on a few items. I am much better at checking the kids pockets now before I wash their clothes.
    I have occasionally cleaned my dishwasher. We have hard water so I run a vinegar rinse every now and then. I had heard that Tang was really good for cleaning a dishwasher so I tried that once a number of years ago but don't really think it did anything.

  3. He cleans himself everyday after he comes home from work :o)

  4. I've used this cleaner before and it worked well for us: http://www.amazon.com/Iron-Out-DM06N-Dishwasher-Magic/dp/B000HE9YVU
    I've also used just plain vinegar, too, which has helped with hard water. We have a very mediocre dishwasher and very hard water. I'm glad you were able to get the crayon off!

  5. What a nightmare! It sounds worse even than when I accidentally sent a chapstick through the dryer.

  6. Hmmm, interesting, I am going to have to clean my dishwasher...it honestly has never occured to me

  7. One of the best dishwasher tips I ever got was to run a cycle with the dishwasher empty and a packet of unsweetened lemonade Koolaid in the detergent dispenser. I now do this every three months and the Koolaid packet is only 10-15 cents. It really works! :-)