On Saturday, Red Chief requested to go to the mall and ride the elevators and escalators. I said okay, since nearby stores had failed me. Tiger Lily has been growing out of her clothes (again) and all the shirts and onesies I see lately have silly sayings on them. I can't stand those.

The mall offered more tasteful apparel (and plenty of escalators), but I'm such a cheapskate and I balked at the (sale!) prices. We left with just one little outfit, but I had plans.

On the way home we hit the thrift store, and I found plenty of cute little-girl shirts in great condition with no troublesome statements printed on them.

While we were there, Red Chief had to check out the electronics, and I looked at books. I just had to take home these two. I love vintage LDS books about family and home, and I can't wait to read this 1959 volume with family night ideas.

The other is a reader from the 1950s. I felt the need to adopt it when I saw what was written in red on the cover: obsolete. No, my poor little reader, you are not obsolete, you are absolutely charming, and soon I will be reading Red Chief the abridgment of The Trolley Car Family that you contain.


  1. I suppose I never really considered that there could be books from the 50's concerning FHE. I imagine there would be some great ideas in them. How is it that when I go to a thrift store, all I find is junk, but when anyone else goes, they find treasures galore!?

  2. Those books are such a find! My mother used to teach in an elementary school and was a reading specialist, so she had access to all these wonderful old readers. Sadly, schools are required by most publishers to destroy texts once they become "obsolete," so she wan't allowed to bring them home for me and mine. Happily she cheated a few times and we have some lovely old readers as a result♥

  3. Fun books! I'm glad you were able to find some clothes for your little Tiger Lily that you like.

  4. Nice post! Good job on the thrift store finds. I also can't stand some of the sayings on kids' clothes, especially the ones that announce in so many words that the kid is a pain in the rear. I think they are borderline exploit

  5. Another after my own heart - It's amazing to find such treasures at the thrift store. Good for you!