Free long distance with Google Voice

Awhile back, our long-distance phone card expired. We weren't happy with the quality of our card and we weren't ready to jump on the cell phone bandwagon yet, so we searched out another option.

We put a few dollars into our Skype Account and started making long-distance calls from the computer. We love video calls (free!) over Skype—it's a great way to connect with relatives when you live far away—but the computer-to-phone thing wasn't working well for us. It was like being on speakerphone all the time, and with two small children yelling in the background, that's hardly fair to the person on the other end.

We were thinking about buying another phone card when Mr. Mordecai discovered Google Voice. Enter your phone number and the number you're calling, and it will call your phone. Once you pick up your phone, it will call the other phone. It works perfectly for us, and it's free!

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  1. Who Knew?
    What next?
    I know I'm just a little behind the times, cuz I'm still stuck on the miracle of the computer being a tiny itty thing and not taking up an entire basement like they did in the early 70's.....you know, back in the stone ages...(at least that's what my teen says...lol)
    I love technology!
    Enjoy your day