Bits and pieces

We're back from a lovely camping trip, and I've somehow managed to wash, dry, and put away all fourteen loads of laundry. That's not like me.

On Tuesday I read something that has changed my life since then—that the dishwasher is for holding dirty dishes, not clean ones. While I theoretically know this, somehow having it put like that has really helped me. The past three days I've had a clean sink and counter. We'll see how I do over the weekend. Things always get messy then.

Red Chief has started preschool. I can hardly believe that he's already four years old and going to preschool. The decision to send him was hard for me: I really like having him home with me. But I finally convinced myself that two short sessions a week hardly qualifies as institutionalization. I do think it's what's best for him at the moment, and he's enjoying it so far.

Tiger Lily is growing from a cute, innocent little baby into a little person. She has strong opinions and preferences, and she's learning to express them through words, gestures, and general loudness. It's funny that when you have a baby you hardly believe they'll ever grow up, and then they go and do it.


  1. What a beautiful blog you have!! I loved searching thorough it and reading your post. The pictures and layout are fresh and inviting! Thank you

  2. I can't believe you have 14 loads of laundry! I think at max we have 8. Though we don't have kids.

    Following Momzoo's post about sending her kids to public school, good for you. I'm glad that you made a choice based on what is good for Red Chief.

  3. The putting away part impresses me the most, since that is the part that always seems to trip me up.

  4. Having to wash all the sleeping bags, pillows, coats, and towels for a week on top of the clothes bumped it up pretty high.

    Putting it away is where I always fail, too. That's why it's so weird that I actually did this week! Maybe I should try it more often.

  5. I hope you keep up the dishwasher idea. It really is nice to have clean counters and sinks. Dishwashers are a good way to hide dirty dishes. clean ones go in the cupboard.

  6. That is why I dream of having one of those dual drawer dishwashers - so even if I haven't unloaded the dishwasher yet, there still won't be dishes in the sink.