The past little while I've been multitasking quite a bit. I've found myself with an ailing nonprofit organization on my shoulders, which is causing no little amount of extra work.

Yesterday I was trying to make bread while setting up a survey for the group and filling out a tax form and exchanging emails at the speed of light.

The bread didn't turn out so well.

Today I was trying to put all the Cub Scouts' birthdays on my calendar while I was on the phone with the IRS and soon after I realized that I clicked the wrong button four times.

This mental distraction is not doing good things for me. I have a new respect for work-at-home moms.

How do you compartmentalize the different areas of your life? Do you like to take things one at a time or several at once?

(I'm chatting with Mr. Mordecai online while I'm writing this. Just saying.)


  1. It is a lot easier to multi task with a baby Tiger Lily's age in tow than with a preschooler, that's for sure. Her age naps longer and is more easily entertained with simple toys. Does Red Chief still nap? If not, I say, let him watch some TV... if you feel guilty about doing that, then get some Bible cartoons. It will make it less "bad", lol.

  2. I cant do anything while I drive except listen to the radio... no conversations, no cell phone, no kids screaming. I cant do anything while talking on the phone, no dishes, no calendar, no computer. Everything else is pretty much stackable in my life... of course everything else usually have a to-do list attached that I can continue to refer back to. :)

  3. I can multi-task just fine at work, but at home, I'm terrible. I didn't get a thing done all weekend, despite my best intentions. I wish I could be of more help. Although if you have any non-profit questions, I could answer those.

  4. I'm horrible at multi-tasking. Starting in college, I found I needed background noise to work. Now it's to the point where I have the TV on, I'm reading some articles, and I'm writing or grading at the same time. I think next year for Lent, I might give up multi-tasking.

  5. i always think that i'm accomplishing so much by multi-tasking but not long after i realize that i've messed something up or hit the wrong button four times. :) then i get stressed and overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. i'm really trying to focus on doing one thing at a time rather than trying to tackle all that needs to be accomplished at the same time. i think in the end, i'll accomplish more by slowing down because i won't have to do things over. and even if i don't get as much done, at least i'll feel peace! great topic!!

  6. I've always had to multi-task like crazy... someday I can do just one thing at a time... right? right? :)

  7. compartmentalizing my life is a great idea, though I have no idea how to do it. I wonder why it did not come to me yet, after all these years as a disorganized stay-at-home mom ;-)

  8. Multitasking - I know it well! That's not to say I'm very good at it - I just pretend to be!


  9. I used to pride my self on my multiple multitasking skills! The brain cells are slowing down - I think I need more practice :)