Let's try this again

My spring garden worked out really well, but things kind of died in the summer—yes, my beloved tomatoes died, and the cucumber too. All I have going now is basil and a half-hearted parsley plant.

But I replanted, and we'll see if the peas and radishes and lettuce and whatever else I planted but can't remember come up. I figured it would be better to plant and see what happens than to keep planning on researching first and then never getting anything done.

Oh, and one thing that works well (so far): mulching thinly over the dirt to keep moisture in. I just used grass clippings.


  1. My garden is kind of over, too. I'm fixing to do better next year. I want to focus not only on the actual planting and seeing what comes up, but on attracting birds that eat pests, rain catchments, among other "total system" things. I want to grow some wheat, too, and get a wheat grinder like you.

  2. Good luck! I'm hopeful the second time's a charm in this case.

  3. This year is our first real garden and I keep telling myself that, despite the silly mistakes I've made (i.e. planting EVERYTHING way too close together), I am learning from them and will be better at it next year. :)

    Good luck with the fall harvest.

  4. My garden is still going strong, although I don't know if any of my cucumbers, squash or jalapenos will produce. The tomatoes will be ripe anyday, and there are green peppers growing. I've often thought about planting a late summer/fall garden. I hear they can be very successful.