Yes and no

  • Rotating the toys. I did it yesterday and within five minutes, Red Chief had abandoned a computer game for his cars.
  • Pie. I forgot how much fun it is to make. And eat.
  • Letting Red Chief run around in the (fenced, gated, locked-down) backyard by himself. Although my garden is suffering a bit from him planting sprinklers.
  • Giving Red Chief some music I found that was copied onto overhead transparencies. He's been running around the house singing his self-composed "Bible song" over and over and over . . . very loudly. It makes me smile.
  • Crossing a to-do item from my list that's been there for months (years?).
  • Looking at Tiger Lily. As soon as she notices you looking at her, she breaks out into a beautiful smile which remains (and grows) for the duration of your look.
  • Actually reading books we own. I'll be trying to do more of this in the next few months. Too often I let library books take priority because they've got a deadline, and then we never enjoy the ones we own.
  • Adding one more fruit/veggie to dinner. Usually I serve just one, but lately it's been so nice to add another, especially with all the lovely things in season just now. It makes our family dinner time last a little longer, and it ups the chance that the kids will end up eating a significant amount.
  • Reading while standing up. If I sit on the couch to read, I have kids climbing on me in five seconds. I can get away with it for much longer if I stand at the kitchen counter instead.
  • Eating healthily and moderately. Makes me feel better all around, and helps my little bit of arthritis pain go away.

  • Kale chips. Not that they were terrible, but we just didn't like them (although Tiger Lily had a great time crumbling them everywhere!).
  • Waiting to put away the laundry until we're living out of the baskets. I just caught up yesterday: much better.
  • Letting the kids destroy the guest/toy storage room while I sorted out some orchestra music.
  • Portobello mushroom burgers. Red Chief and I didn't mind them, but they were a little too over-the-top weird for Mr. Mordecai, especially when served with a side of the above-mentioned kale chips.
  • Making pancakes with bulgur. I'll spare you the textural details. At least the kids loved them.
  • Yelling/voice-raising. It doesn't get results; it just makes us all mad.

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