Recently tried recipes

  • I made these banana pancakes for the kids last week and they were a hit all around, and even better with white whole wheat flour.
  • This orange chicken is pretty good. I added broccoli.
  • These smashed pinto beans are my new favorite way to eat beans.
  • Fridge pickles. Except I use white vinegar.
  • This whole-wheat bread recipe is perfect, even with my tweaks. I'm using the 100% whole wheat version further down the page.
  • This rye bread recipe is even better. I'm going to have to assign a new container in my pantry for rye flour just so I can make this recipe, and it had better be a big one. I leave out the caraway seed and eat it toasted, with a great deal of butter.
  • I changed this ice cream cupcake recipe a little to make a cake for independence day with mint chocolate chip ice cream. The frosting recipe is definitely a keeper.
  • I've made these fast, easy chocolate chip–coconut bar cookies three times in the last month or so.
I'm not going to list the not-so-good recipes anymore. The ones I've shared here are all ones we really enjoyed.


  1. Oohh, rye bread-my favorite! I can't wait to try it out. I love a good grilled cheese on rye (dipped in thousand island...)

  2. you have a very neat and informative blog! I just noticed it when you linked to my recipe for the chocolate coconut cookie bars. Thank you ever so much!!!